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Welcome to Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka has been a highly attractive Tourist destination throughout the history, with an appealing mix of tourist places, products and activities of interest to the visitor market.
It’s among few countries which has diversity of adventure which can be reached in span of couple of hours. 
After completely defeating 30 years of ethnic war, which had long kept the tourism industry in the doldrums, Island has finally received its freedom to bloom and it has already followed by an almost immediate recovery in tourist arrivals. 
Our Aim through is to position Sri Lanka as a Visitor destination and provide a complete picture of what the country has to offer.
Not only accommodation, this website would serve as a portal to the many events and activities that Sri Lanka has to offer for the visitor. 
Therefore Dear All guests,
Are you planning your Holiday?
Well,“This time it’s got be Sri Lanka
You maybe a  Free and Independent Traveler (FIT) who likes adventure and entertainment, Corporate/Business Traveler traveling on business who would like to participation in visitor activities when given good tourism information and time permitting.  Or travelling with your nonworking spouse who will have time to visit around, Small Groups who might be attending a meeting, conference or Convention in the area, Regional Visitors who would be  visiting  Sri Lanka for the first , Sri Lankans Visiting Friends and Relatives after long years of stay in abroad or groups visiting for Pilgrimage ….
We are here to provide you with a Fast, accurate, user-friendly travel plan for an unforgettable Holiday.
Our aim is to simplify complexity and provide a life time value to your journey as a whole.Therefore this website is structured to build awareness about the destination, act as a planning tool and convert your dream visit to a realistic destination.
Once you start your search you will find that our packages include: Places with Scenic beauty, Heritage-Roots Discovery,Wild Life & Sports as Action, Unique dining and shopping,Exciting, fun and unique activities. Packages don’t always mean discount; We know that convenience of planning is the first priority. comes to you under the guidance of Dr.Madhusagara Samarathunga who had been working actively in the Area of Tourism for more than  10 years and carries a strong base in the Industry.Rest of the team such as Website designers (SL Web creations),Photographers, Content providers, Management, Tour Guides, Transport providers are experts  in their respective professions.
Hence, Our dedicated and dynamic team at will be pleased to serve you to make it very convenient to book your next holiday destination which is Sri Lanka.

Thank you!
Roomsbook Team