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National Museum of Kandy

National Museum of Kandy

Location Details

The National Museum of Kandy in Kandy, Sri Lanka is located next to the Temple of the Tooth in part of the former Royal Palace of Kandy. The primary exhibits are housed in the Palle Vahala building which was house to the King's harem. A secondary exhibit location is found in the main palace building. Its is maintained by the Department of National Museum of the central government.

The Palle Vahala was used as a depository for historic artifacts made by the Kandy Art Association which was established in 1832 and artisans of Matale. The museum was opened to the public in 1942.

Artifacts consist of weapons, jewelry, tools and other artifacts from the Kandian era and post British Colonial era. On the grounds of the museum is a statue of Sir Henry Ward a former Governor of Ceylon, which was originally found in front of the Queen's Hotel.

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