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Colombo Maritime Museum

Colombo Maritime Museum

Location Details

The Colombo Maritime Museum is at the Colombo port, maintained by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

The museum is located in the old Dutch prison built in 1676 which is the only surviving Dutch period building at the Colombo Port premises at the present day which has been refurbished and renovated to accommodate the artifacts at cost of Rs 25 million as a result of the concept first presented by the late Minister of Port Development and Shipping, M. H. M. Ashraff. The main entrance to this museum is from the Chaithya Road.

Various items of historical significance relating to the Ports of the country, its maritime industry and the ocean around Sri Lanka are on display. Sculptures of King Vijeya and other significant characters are also on display along with model exhibits of ships.

There are also art works, and models symbolizing the systematic development of the Colombo Port and equipment used in Port operation during various times.

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