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Maviddapuram Kandaswamy Temple

Maviddapuram Kandaswamy Temple

Location Details

Maviddapuram (Tamil: மாவிட்டபுரம்) is a holy village in the Sri Lankan district of Jaffna under the Tellipalai divisional secretariat. It is near the Palali airport, Kankesanthurai harbour and Keerimalai coast which is famous for the Naguleswaram Shiva temple. So, it is a centre point and well connected to the Jaffna town by transport services before the late 1980s.

History of the name,

Ma means horse; vidda means removed; and puram is holy city. Maviddapuram is the holy city where the horse face of the Chola Princess Maruthapuraveegavalli changed to a human face when she prayed to Lord Naguleswara of Keerimalai and took bath in the holy theertha (water) of the temple with the advice of the Saint Nagula. This is the place where the famous Maviddapuram Kandaswamy temple is found. The statue of the God Muruga is presented by the above the Chola princess, making it in her own country. The old name of the place is Kovil Kadavai, which was changed into Maviddapuram after the above event.

Agriculture and Industries,

Before 1990, Maviddapuram had a cement factory which was one of the major producers of cement in Sri Lanka. It also had aluminum-container producing factory. The soil is red so it is suited to the cultivation of beetles, mangoes and jack fruits. This place is not a producer of rice.

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