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Meaning of Lanka?
« on: September 22, 2014, 05:33:18 PM »
The Real name of this island - "Alankara Divaina"

Alankara means "Beautiful"

Divaina means "Island"

Alankara Divaina  means "Beautiful Island"

When pronouncing Alankara  many times continuously,  Can hear only Lanka,  sound A and Ra are lopping.

So Alankara will become Lanka. 

Island Lanka that means Beautiful island

In Egyptian word for beautiful is Ceylan,  From that word British name this Island and it became Ceylon.

Romans Name this island "Taprobane"

Another. Arabian name for this island "Serendib"  means Rubin.

There are more than 80 names for this Island in our whole History.

Some of Them,

Oja Dipa,
Kuja Dipa,
Rathna Dipa,
Hela Dipa or Hela Diva,
Singhala Dipa or Sihala Dipa,
Janbud Dipa,

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