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Christmas in Sri Lanka
« on: November 29, 2014, 10:04:29 AM »
Christmas in Sri Lanka Lanka :D :D :D
Christmas preparation begins from the very first day of the month. Endless Christmas songs and carols are heard on the radio.  Even though there are only around 7% who are Christians in the whole of the country this festival brighten  up cities with lights and decorations creating a real festive mood.
This is a great time to get some super bargains from shops in main cities. Few weeks before Christmas shops put up their ‘sale’ boards up to tempt people to shop more for this festival and Santa Clause look a likes Appear around big mall and shops to give away small gifts for the children.
Just like in other countries there will be a lot of carol services happening at churches and schools that you can attend which are well organized and charming and lot of charity events will be happening at this time as well. that you can contribute to by giving out donations and sharing kindness, compassion and love with the needy.
On 24th of December, every catholic and Christian church in the country will be holding a midnight mass and most of the Christians and even non-followers of this religion will join this event held in grand scale dressed up in their best outfits.  On 25th of December Christians have grand parties at home and at hotels celebrate the birth of Jesus and to get together with their friends and families as a tradition.
All star class hotels will celebrate this day as well. They decorate the hotels at the beginning of the month and usually hold special dinners and lunches with special menus on 24th and 25th of December. They have great parties that you can attend around this time of the year as well.
On 26th the Christians celebrate the Boxing Day and celebrations continue till the 1st of January with various functions commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.  :)
Some of the Christmas events Happening this year is  ;):
Celebrate a Good Ol’ Christmas at Mount Lavinia Hotel
November 28th, 2014
Where else would you go to celebrate a Good Ol’ Christmas than to the oldest and grandest? The Christmas events leading to New Year’s Eve at Mount Lavinia hotel  promise you yet another grand experience of the age old celebration.
Revisit the iconic heritage hotel to experience the best of Christmas spreads  on Christmas Eve and Christmas day including the traditional stuffed turkey, grand salads, live cooking and carving, and special seafood Christmas dishes of oyster, crab and lobster at the Seafood Cove, followed by delicious Christmas desserts like traditional Christmas pudding, Brudher, Ginger Cookies and apple pie. :-* :-*
Cinnamon Grand
Wonderful, especially over Christmas”
 Reviewed 10 January 2014 via mobile
We loved this hotel, beautiful in all ways especially the Christmas decorations. Staff were always there to help, the food was great and the breakfast was amazing with untold options. The egg hoppers were fantastic and hard to find for the rest of our Sri Lanka trip. The only negative was the price of the hotel taxis, avoid them as the price is crazy. Normal taxis or tuks tuks are not hard to find. The Poland outdoor bar were a great place to drink cocktails and soak up the restful atmosphere. I thought the price was fair. I had been here 22 years ago when it was called something different so it was special to go back with my daughter who is now 24.